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Neebo is designed for your baby’s small wrist to measure vital signs

25 November 2016 6

We have seen quite a lot of wearable devices from fitness trackers to smartwatches to smart socks making their debut in the market. And now comes the turn for something in the baby care technology.

Neebo is the latest next-gen baby care device. It is basically a small, wearable monitor for babies that connects to your phone through a mobile app and enables parents to monitor baby’s vital stats. The device is attached to your baby’s wrist to help you monitor all vital information. This can be done by installing a companion app on your smartphone.

Neebo tracks your baby’s heart rate in real time and provides you information about your baby's thermal state. The device also monitors your baby’s blood oxygen level. It is also capable of notifying any suspicious activity and early warning signs of heart disease, immunodeficiency or respiratory problems.

In addition to all this, Neebo helps you have a me time with your baby when your baby is not actually with you. Neebo allows you to communicate with your child from anywhere, at any time through its built in voice chat features. You just need to activate this feature through the companion app and your baby will be able to hear everything you say. The device also filters out all background noises so that you can hear your baby clearly. It also notifies you when your little one quietly wakes up.

Apart from this, Neebo has something on the entertainment front too. It includes a variety of audio content including playback fairy tales, fables, and music. It also has all sorts of other calming sounds which are automatically updated based on how old your baby is.

This latest revolution in baby care technology will make its debut next month and will provide for a stress free parenting.



Neebo is designed for your baby’s small wrist to measure vital signs
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I believe this is really some cool information to get through the wearable like the heart rate or the thermal state of the baby. This is really good to draw some important conclusion, in case the baby isn't feeling well.


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