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Microsoft begins selling Amazon Echo devices online and through retail stores

19 November 2018 3

Tech giants Microsoft and Amazon teamed up last year to bring both of their respective AI-assistants (Alexa and Cortana) together to build something much powerful overall. Though by the start of this year, both the companies didn’t have any update about the launch and shared that they would have something valuable to share very soon. Now as we approach towards the end of 2018, we finally get to see a way forward considering this partnership.

Microsoft is now officially selling Amazon’s Echo devices via Microsoft Store where Amazon’s Echo Dot and Echo are up for sale in the United States while the same devices are also selling via Microsoft’s retail stores. Previously Microsoft had its AI-assistant integrated as the core search feature offered via Microsoft Windows 10 though now the tech giant moves forward to utilize its capability focusing on businesses via chat bots instead of incorporating in its consumer-targeted products.

The first integration between the two AI-assistants from each of the company was seen in action at the Build 2018 developers conference a few months back. Megan Saunders who is the General manager of Microsoft Cortana shared in a statement,

"For all of you developers out there building skills, Cortana and Alexa will enable access to more people across more devices. And we can't wait to see what you build,"



Microsoft begins selling Amazon Echo devices online and through retail stores
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This is a deal for both companies, though does it look like Amazon will get a better benefit? They have the assistant like Microsoft, but they are also selling devices, which MS doesn't have.


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