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Microsoft introduces AirSim Drone Simulator, a platform to build autonomous systems

16 February 2017 2

We know how dearly you buy yourself a drone and ruin it in a matter of minutes while trying to run a few experiments on one. Microsoft has thus, come up with a new way, a new simulator for your drone to avoid destroying them by testing the same right out of the box.

Named the AirSim, is a platform for the ones who love to build autonomous systems providing them ways to experiment their drones with deep learning, reinforced algorithms, and computer vision. It is designed in a way so as to help developers retrieve training data instead of flying the drones before crashing them into a tree.

Built with the help of Unreal Engine, AirSim is an open source platform available for download on GitHub that exposes an easy was to gobble data from the drones including the necessary ground data, images, and the sensor data as well. AirSim lets you use your own code to control other drone platforms without having to learn the internal protocols involved in one. Thanks to that, you can now test your code in AirSim before taking your real drone out for a spin. The official post was quoted saying:

For example, the tools could help researchers develop better perception abilities, which would help the robot learn to recognize elements of its environment and do things like differentiate between a real obstacle, like a door, and a false one, like a shadow. These perception abilities also would help the robot understand complex concepts like how far away a pedestrian is.



Microsoft introduces AirSim Drone Simulator, a platform to build autonomous systems
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This is a good concept in the first place. So, before anyone tests the real drone in real life and it gets destroyed, why not try it once with the AirSim? :cool: :cool: :cool:


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