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Microsoft wants A.I. powered health and safety for your workplace | Video

10 May 2017 0

Microsoft has just announced its new advancements to Azure Cloud and is keen on talking about Artificial Intelligence and Cloud on day one of Build 2017. The company is looking to the future in the IoT sector. One of the examples that they showed in the conference is the inclusion of the devices to enhance the health and safety in and organization.

Through object recognition and various image processing techniques, organizations can now take advantage of the Azure IoT cloud to do faster and reliable serverless computations which enable the employees to know whatever is happening around their work premises, and that too using the regular cameras. For eg. , if a hammer or potentially dangerous tool in a construction work site is lying in a certain position the intelligent object recognition will alert the employees to take care of the situation. This technology can also be leveraged in the hospitals and healthcare sector where the staff can monitor the patients' activities using cameras and recognition tasks in their physical absence.

The following video demonstrates the idea:

Developers will be able to make their own IoT-enabled applications by leveraging Microsoft's platform and take advantage of the services that Build 2017 has in the pockets.



Microsoft wants A.I. powered health and safety for your workplace | Video
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