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New Motorola Razr has a "Retro RAZR" mode that re-creates UI of original RAZR

15 November 2019 0

Motorola RAZR is back to take us all to a trip down the memory lane. It leaves the old sheath behind to drape a new and gets fit into today’s smartphone which is folding. Just like the old RAZR that arrived 14 years back, the new RAZR also flips but with a real foldable display. A single-screen flows from top to bottom and it actually folds.

Motorola took care of your sentiments attached to the most popular phone by giving a same look to the new RAZR but still, you can’t change a few things. You can’t bring certain things attached to that old very old RAZR, but Motorola says yes you can, though not entirely.

Spotted by TheVerge, the new Motorola RAZR includes a Retro RAZR mode that re-creates the user-interface of the original RAZR. This hidden Retro RAZR mode is available in the Quick Settings Menu. Tap on edit and you will see the “Retro RAZR” option. Just drag it into the Quick Settings menu and then tap on the Retro RAZR button to activate the throwback mode. Once activated, that T9 keypad as the Moto RAZR V3 can be seen on the bottom part of the screen, along with on-screen “buttons” to help you navigate the UI.

To offer a nearly-authentic experience, the icons on the top part of the screen do not respond when you touch them, because you didn’t have a touch screen back then. The only way to navigate it is by using the buttons on the keypad.

The mode also features the classic RAZR boot animation as well as the same pop-up UI and sounds in the dialer.

The skin is said to be fully functional; you can click the button for messaging, and it will launch the Android messaging app.

The mode may not be too useful but it is definitely a great thought to actually bring back a little feel as well.

The Motorola Razr 2019 isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



New Motorola Razr has a "Retro RAZR" mode that re-creates UI of original RAZR
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