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Motorola denies Razr folding test, releases its own test video

10 February 2020 0

Last week, Motorola Razr went under a folding test conducted by CNET folks and failed to impress. The team had set a goal of 100,000 goals but it lasted for only 27,000 folds. This made people question the durability of the device's hinge and as one would expect, Motorola has taken note of the claims and has officially denied them.

In response, Motorola has published its own Razr folding test video on YouTube which it has titled, "The real razr flip test - flip for years". The videos show multiple Moto Razr units getting folded and folded via a robotic machine. It is a short video where the company has not offered any kind of data. It means we do not know for how many folds did the phones last or the number of folds for which the test was conducted.

Here is the video clip shared by Motorola:

A Motorola spokesperson also shared a statement,

"Razr is a unique smartphone, featuring a dynamic clamshell folding system unlike any device on the market. SquareTrade's FoldBot is simply not designed to test our device. Therefore, any tests run utilizing this machine will put undue stress on the hinge and not allow the phone to open and close as intended, making the tests inaccurate."

The statement makes perfect sense as the machine used by CNET, the FoldBot, was originally meant for testing the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Even though the folks made some tweaks to make it work with the Moto Razr, it was still not completely compatible with the smartphone. This is something we mentioned in our reporting of the folding test as well.

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Motorola denies Razr folding test, releases its own test video
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