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Apple Music Replay generates playlist of your top songs of the year

15 November 2019 0

Apple has rolled out a new feature to its Apple Music service that many of you might have been waiting for. The name of the feature is Replay and as the name is pretty implying, this feature will replay the songs you most played in 2019. The feature looks at your listening history and thus curates a playlist that would indulge you in the recent nostalgia.

The Replay feature generates a playlist with your most played songs from 2019 from artists and albums, along with additional playlists for every year you have subscribed to Apple Music.

You can also get the Replay playlist by heading over to music.apple.com/replay and click on the “Get Your Replay Mix.” Of course, you need to sign in with Apple ID to get started. Along with generating the playlists, Apple Music Replay will also show your top artists and albums of the year. The new feature will also show stats like how many artists you listened to in total. You can also share your Apple Music Replay playlist with your friends to let them know your most played and favorite music of this year.

This is one of the features that may not be high in demand but has its own importance if available. In fact, the need for this feature comes into notice when Apple Music’s rival Spotify offered a “Wrapped” program. It’s a good way to take a look back at the songs you liked the most at one place into one playlist.

Previously, some third-party apps used to offer this facility with Apple Music but now it has been bundled right inside the service. It was made by NoiseHub and the app is called “Music Year in Review.”



Apple Music Replay generates playlist of your top songs of the year
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