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Lenovo introduces world's first 13.3-inch foldable PC, coming in 2020

14 May 2019 2

The upcoming design trend in the tech industry is said to be the foldable displays. Manufacturers have already started building the foldable phones and one of them was even made available too, though the fate couldn’t able to accompany it. But sooner or later, we may see the $2000 foldable phone coming our way. Meanwhile, Lenovo has launched its first-ever or in fact, the world’s first foldable PC at its Accelerate 2019 event in Orlando.

Lenovo’s foldable PC which doesn’t have a name yet is actually a laptop which has a display that spreads all over. It’s not like the regular laptops that include a display and a physical keyboard, rather this foldable piece includes a large display that folds itself. The unnamed foldable PC from Lenovo has been categorized inside the ThinkPad X1 line and it will arrive in 2020, according to Lenovo’s announcement.

Lenovo foldable PC has a 13.3-inch single OLED 2K display that folds like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X. When folded in half, the width of the device gets reduced by 50%. It has a touchscreen display and also includes pen support.

Tom Butler, Lenovo’s ThinkPad marketing director, told VentureBeat,

This device, really leapfrogs across because I’m going to take a full-size notebook and fold it in half. So you get that instant jump in portability with the device.

According to Lenovo’s announcement, its first foldable PC is made for "highly mobile, tech-savvy professionals who demand the best tools." Importantly, Lenovo doesn’t describe it as a smartphone replacement, which, of course, it isn’t.

Butler further said,

“We see it and are positioning it as a laptop replacement. In fact, we’re going to argue that you will use this and carry this with you more than you would your laptop. This device, we believe, you’ll not only be productive with, but it’s going to open up new use cases for you.”

LG Display is responsible for this new kind of tech for a laptop. According to Lenovo, the Intel-powered laptop with Windows inside can transition with users by adopting different form factors. For instance, you can fold it into a book and start the day scanning your social media feeds, hit your commute on the bus or train and take it this clamshell with you; go to the office and dock it into your multi-monitor setup and get to work.

More details of the device will come when Lenovo makes it available in 2020. While Lenovo has successfully marked its name in history for being the first in the industry with foldable PC, the availability will decide if it’s also the first to make the laptops commercially available.



Lenovo introduces world's first 13.3-inch foldable PC, coming in 2020
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