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OnePlus CEO confirms 90Hz display for OnePlus 7T series | UPDx2: Android 10

25 September 2019 0

UPDATE (September 25th, 2019):

OnePlus has confirmed that OnePlus 7T series will be running Android 10 out of the box. The announcement came via a tweet just like all previous OnePlus 7T features have been confirmed or teased. This will make it the first smartphone to get launched with Android 10 which is not surprising considering that it is OnePlus.

Update: September 23, 2019

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has now shared the picture of the retail packaging of the OnePlus 7T. It's a long red-colored box on which OnePlus as mentions,

"This is the OnePlus 7T. It's the culmination of all our design and engineering efforts and crafted for those who like us, always strive for the very best."

Pete Lau introduces it as Red and Bold, a return to the OnePlus One’s visual design. #OnePlus7T

It should be noted that currently, OnePlus uses two-piece retail packaging in which the upper half of the box stays white in color and the below half in red color. But with the OnePlus 7T, even the retail packaging is getting a change. The box looks long and it appears this is just a one-piece packaging.

Original Post (September 18, 2019)

Another day another hype on the OnePlus 7T is built by the company itself. Yesterday it was the full-fledged revelation of the design of the device, today it's about confirming an interesting feature.

OnePlus via its Twitter handle confirmed the smoother 90Hz display coming on the OnePlus 7T and later on, Pete Lau, Founder & CEO of OnePlus retweeted with a comment that entire OnePlus 7T series will get the 90Hz. While his caption confirms the big feature, it also confirms that multiple phones are coming in the series. And, the obvious suspect is the much-rumored OnePlus 7T Pro.

The tweet includes no other details but it’s quite a big exposure. Several users wanted to see this feature on the OnePlus 7 as well, but the company made this available in the Pro model only. The price gap between the OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro was a good hint at the fact that a new phone coming in the future could fill the gap with some features similar to the Pro model. Leakers, tipsters, and several reports did suggest that the OnePlus 7T could feature the 90Hz display but an official verdict was necessary, of course.

The 90Hz refresh rate offers butter smooth and faster navigation to the device. The 90Hz refresh rate means your screen will refresh 90 times in a second and the result is what you get smoother animations. Steadily, the feature is becoming a norm in the smartphones industry as more and more manufacturers are bringing this feature to their phones. Such displays are better suited for the gaming purposes and OnePlus followers will be happy to have this feature. The price of the OnePlus 7T is unknown but it’s hard not to guess to see it getting fit somewhere between the price tags of OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro.

While it’s interesting to see the manufacturers revealing the details on their upcoming smartphones, it’s somewhat daunting as well. There was a time when we used to wait eagerly for the launch events to get surprised by the features and specifications. Nowadays, companies themselves are disclosing details and creating a massive hype before.

We believe, currently, Apple is the only company which is abiding the law and keeping the secrets to itself only.

The OnePlus 7T isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



OnePlus CEO confirms 90Hz display for OnePlus 7T series | UPDx2: Android 10
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