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OnePlus 7T teardown finds out if large circular camera module really needed

25 October 2019 0

OnePlus 7T went under a brutal durability test where it failed the bend test almost majorly. That was the endurance test in which the OnePlus 7T survived, well, ignoring the glass back damage it received. While we have seen the device withstanding to some harsh test, it would be interesting to learn about its innards as well. We know what makes the OnePlus 7T powerful in performance but let’s walk in to see the placement of the internals or how OnePlus has made use of certain components than the rest.

After the durability test, Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything is ready to tear the OnePlus 7T apart and letting you peek deep into it. During the durability test, Zack pointed out that it could be the large camera cutout that contributed to the damage of the glass panel. And, in the teardown, the YouTuber finds out if the large circular camera module really needed.

Removing the back panel and pulling up the top plastic which was fixed with twelve screws, the camera module appears. Clearly, from inside, the cameras don’t have a circular module, they all are placed on a rectangular frame. So, the big circular module is just the aesthetic change that OnePlus decided to add for a unique offering.

The OnePlus 7T teardown also reveals that OnePlus has added rubber gaskets and protection throughout the phone to prevent water from coming inside. The ribbon connections, SIM tray, ports are fully protected, but still, OnePlus chose note to pass it through IP certification. And, as you might already know the 16MP front camera shoot videos in 1080p but it doesn’t have OIS (Optical Image Stabilization).

The teardown also reveals that OnePlus is using an aluminum frame of the phone as a heatsink. A further interesting revelation is, the total number of speakers on the OnePlus 7T is three, so the overall sound output will be louder but OnePlus isn’t bragging about it. The larger speaker on the top and at the bottom should theoretically sound louder than most other smartphones claiming to have stereo speakers. The surround is made from rubber meaning it will survive a bit of moisture as well.

Watch the complete teardown below -


The OnePlus 7T isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



OnePlus 7T teardown finds out if large circular camera module really needed
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