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DoubleLocker ransomware encrypts data and deletes original files, changes PINs

16 October 2017 4

Ransomware is pretty hot in the cybersecurity world recently when hackers compromise the security of the device and then lock it unless they are paid the ransom that is generally demanded via Bitcoin Cryptocurrency in some cases.These attacks are likely to rise in 2017 and beyond as the reports suggest.

A recent ransomware named DoubleLocker cunningly infects the victim’s device to extort money out. A popular malware researcher at a security firm ESET Lukas Stefanko mentioned in a statement:

"Its payload can change the device's PIN, preventing the victim from accessing their device and encrypts the victim's data,", "Such a combination hasn't been seen yet in the Android ecosystem. DoubleLocker misuses Android accessibility services, which is a popular trick among cybercriminals."

The nasty Android malware DoubleLocker gives its self-more accessibility and persistence by setting its self as a launcher app by getting the admin rights on the device. At first, when launched, the app asks for accessibility service activation of ‘Google Play Service’.

Click the home button activates the malware and thus locking the app. DoubleLocker pushes the victim to pay by first changing the PIN on the phone in addition to encrypting all the data on the primary storage of the device with AES encryption algorithm.

DoubleLocker asks for a ransom of 0.0130 BTC (about $54). To get rid of the ransomware, the only option left is to either factory reset the phone or other ways to around of PIN on rooted devices.



DoubleLocker ransomware encrypts data and deletes original files, changes PINs
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What a cool summery of the encryption.... the time left has been shown with a clock icon, the number of files.. the amount. Looks so systematic. Why don't these men come into ethical hacking?


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