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Twitter 2007 birth year prank will lock you out of your account

28 March 2019 3

Since the time the internet became popular around the world, there has been no lack of online pranks. Some of these are harmless but some can have adverse effects on the users falling for them. One such negative effect prank is currently doing the rounds of Twitter and is making its victims lockout of their accounts.

It is a birth year prank where certain Twitter users are asking other users to change their birth year on the platform to 2007. They are luring users by saying that doing so will unlock new color schemes for their respective feeds. But as things turn out, they end up getting locked out of their respective accounts which, to be honest, is not surprising at all.

This is happening because according to Twitter age restriction policy, a user should be at least 13 years old for having an account on the platform. When someone changes their birth year to 2007, it makes their age appear as 12 years old which is below what Twitters allows. As a result, all those accounts are getting locked out automatically.

Twitter has officially acknowledged the existence of the prank and has issued a warning. It has tweeted urging users to not fall for any such prank as there are no color schemes to be unlocked by any means on the platform. For those who have already fallen for the prank, they can get their account restored by contacting Twitter support. They will also have to submit a government-issued ID to verify their actual age before Twitter can re-activate their account.



Twitter 2007 birth year prank will lock you out of your account
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