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Android Q to allow easy sharing of Wi-Fi passwords as QR code or plain text

09 May 2019 4

Not every one of us memorizes our weird Wi-Fi passwords that we once set some time ago. And remembering them becomes more painful when a friend asks for it. Well, for us, remembering Wi-Fi passwords is just among some random things that we don’t really care about but at times we scratch our heads to fetch them from the memory. Most Chinese brands offer the way to scan and share the Wi-Fi passwords but this facility isn’t available to others unless they have a third-party app and that too installed on a rooted phone.

But interestingly, this pain is going to end soon since the facility to scan the Wi-Fi passwords is baked in the latest version of the Android operating system which is Android Q. The QR code that is rendered form of your password has now come to system level in Android Q with Beta 3 update. Previously, with the first beta, it was available to developers only but now with Android 10 Q Beta 3, it’s available as an option in Network settings in the plain text for the users.

You would need to tap on one of the networks saved in the Wi-Fi settings menu, tap share then a QR code with the password will be generated for the other person to read. However, the users can also find the Wi-Fi password in plain text to key in immediately if they don’t know how to scan a QR code or in case they just want an alternate method to the QR code.

Android Q is bringing many new features and at I/O, Google announced which new features it’s adding this time via the Beta 3 update to several devices from 13 OEMs.



Android Q to allow easy sharing of Wi-Fi passwords as QR code or plain text
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The issue with remembering any kind of password these days is the system wants it to be more complicated for obvious reasons. But then memorizing it is the downside.


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