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Google jots down new privacy policies regulating Chrome extensions

31 May 2019 3

Tech giant Google takes privacy quite seriously and this is why we recently saw webmasters implementing privacy policy disclaimers on their websites as encouraged by Google. Talking about Chrome Web Store that hosts over 180,000 extensions, there are a lot of extensions that don’t properly ask for permissions from the users and still use their data. To curb this situation, Google has come up with a privacy policy that it would be enforced at the beginning of 2019 fall.

Any extension that won’t be complying with these policies would be kicked out of the Chrome Web Store. Below are the new privacy policies from Chrome extensions.

“We’re requiring extensions to only request access to the appropriate data needed to implement their features”. Google shared how developers were always encouraged to utilize a minimum amount of user data that is the basic requirement to implement a certain feature. Developers should ask for least permissions that they need to implement the feature.

“We’re requiring more extensions to post privacy policies, including extensions that handle personal communications and user-provided content.“ The extensions that use personal data of the users need to post a privacy policy and must handle the data of the user securely.

These are amazing steps taken by Google to curb the use of unnecessary data being used and accessed by Chrome extensions. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section below.



Google jots down new privacy policies regulating Chrome extensions
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