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Do the smartphones need cases or not? Take the top tech YouTubers' help

30 January 2017 3

So, you spent the hard earned money on your favorite flagship smartphone but do you protect it with the help of cases available in the market? Well, some of you like to keep it the way it is, but a few of us like to take some extra care by protecting it against the possible drops and scratches.

To know the preferences of the users on how they like to use their mobiles, the famous YouTuber JerryRigEverything puts up a video in which he gathered many other popular tech YouTubers to know their preferences on protecting the smartphones.

The video shows mixed opinions of the YouTubers, some really doesn’t like to cover their smartphones and some can’t think of keeping their smartphones without any cases and protectors.

But, before putting up the opinions of all these YouTubers, Jerry first showed the results of the votes he took earlier on Twitter to know the opinions of its users. Around 2,062 votes were recorded, out of which 47% of the users like to have a case and a screen protector as well, 23% like to have a case only, 12% use the screen protector minus the case, and 18% go with zero protection – neither the case nor the screen protector.

Now, see the preferences of all other popular tech YouTubers. Mr. Mobile (Michael Fisher) doesn’t like to protect his smartphones as the design of all of them is quite captivating and he doesn’t want to hide them. However, he does recommend to not to be like him when it comes to cases as he has a stubborn habit to keep his devices the way they come. According to him, ”he buys the devices based on how they look and feel in hand, and no matter how cool the case or sleek the skin, putting anything on tip interferes with that. It’s not a smart way to protect your multi-benjamin investment.”

On the other hand, SuperSaf likes to use a protector that could safeguard his devices. He has been using the dbrand skins and according to him, “the advantage of having a skin is that your device will have some more grip and you will be less likely to drop it. It also adds the zero bulk and hence gives you a nice custom look.“ Also, he also likes to protect the smartphones with the cases built with rubberized materials. For this, he likes the Echotion technology from Spigen cases.

The YouTuber Krystal says sometimes she uses a case and sometimes a skin as it depends on what phone she’s using. And, sometimes, “it’s more about like dressing up the phone and making it look nice.”

Other YouTuber DetroitBorg says that the users must use a good case that provides a great grip so you don’t drop it frequently. Also, there are cases available that use a rubberized material from inside and a hard shell from outside, which means dual protection of the smartphone. However, he doesn’t recommend to use a screen shield as almost every flagship comes with pretty scratch resistant glass.

And, according to UrAvgConsumer, the case is a must; he uses iPhone 7 Plus as his daily driver protected with the leather case which not only looks great but also provides a great protection. He didn’t first use any screen protector, but he started using them when he saw some scratches. He uses "regular screen protectors, regular plastic ones, which are pretty inexpensive and easy to apply, and if anything goes wrong he can replace it with no problem."

At last, Jerry puts up his own views on the fact if a smartphone needs a case or not. According to him, it’s necessary to have a case that could provide dual protection. Also, it’s necessary to cover the lip of the edge of the smartphones with the cases that provide an edge to edge protection. According to him, he doesn’t really care about the small scratches as his daily driver is the Galaxy S7 Edge which he used during the durability tests. He uses the cases for only the brand new phones because at that time the re-sell value is important. For the same reason, he also likes to put a screen protector on it because it will look pristine if he ever goes to re-sell it.

So, what’s your opinion on to case the smartphones or not to. Comment below.



Do the smartphone needs cases or not, take the top tech YouTubers' help
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These days a lot of phones are well-made, physically. They do have a sturdy body. So, in my opinion, cases aren't really needed. They take away the beauty of the phone and make them look awesome (fat)!!! lol........!!!


Cases or not, that's the question and it entirely depends on an individual. I mean, this cannot be a question that will be answered the same by everyone. Let's say it's subjective.


I'll agree with this. There are people who really care about their beloved smartphones and that's why do take extra care with cases to protect their devices. And yes, these cases do really help in accidental drops and scratches.


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