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Apple Newton, Google Glass and Nokia N-gage featured in 'Museum of Failure'

12 June 2017 0

Companies like Apple, Google and Nokia have been known for the legendary products that they have come up since their inception that have put a dent in the tech industry. From Macintosh to Google Search Engine to unbreakable Nokia 3310, these companies have seen some glorious days and will continue to see them. But behind every success there is a failure hidden which craves for media attention.

At Sweden's newly opened 'Museum of Failure', Google Glass, Apple Newton and Nokia N-Gage are three of the 70 devices and services that have a pedestal of their own, symbolizing the learning process from the failures and turning them into a success worth billions.

Clinical psychologist Samuel West, founder of Museum of Failure said:

We know that 80 to 90 percent of innovation projects, they fail and you never read about them, you don't see them, people don't talk about them. And if there's anything we can do from these failures, it's learn from them.

The list has Harley-Davidson Perfume, Kodak Digital Camera, Sony Betamax and Lego Fiber Optics, among others, the information available on the Museum of Failure website stated.

Apple Newton

Developed and marketed by Apple Inc starting 1987, Newton was one of the first personal digital assistants to feature handwriting recognition. Apple first started shipping Newton in 1993. Shortly after some time in 1998 Steve Jobs directed the company to stop production of the device. Newton proved to be a failure because of its ridiculous price of $699 ($1,299 adjusted for inflation) and the not so refined handwriting recognition.

Google Glass

The most recent failure that became very popular was the Google Glass which no doubt became a wearable device of the future but lacked certain basic thinking. The Glass was made public in 2014 but was quickly withdrawn next year in 2015 owing to the privacy and safety concerns. Though its gaining momentum in the medical industry today it was a bad idea to release it for the mass market.

Nokia N-Gage

Arguably one of the 'cool' phones of its time, Nokia N-Gage was a phone with a ridiculous design focused on gaming to keep yourself 'N-Gage(d)'. And ironically the one thing it failed in is the gaming, having a poor game collection for the Symbian 60 it ran on.The device, released in October 2003, was discontinued two years later.

Well they certainly teach us one thing: "Failure is the way to success worth millions if not billions."



Apple Newton, Google Glass and Nokia N-gage featured in 'Museum of Failure'
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