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Microsoft to pause non-essential Windows 10 updates starting May 22

26 March 2020 0

Several major and important events are getting scrapped in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, it is not a surprise to hear about more such shutdowns. But it is important to make you aware of every cancellation. Now, Microsoft has made a serious decision on the way it pushes updates to every supported version of Windows.

Microsoft has announced that it will temporarily halt all non-security updates for every supported version of Windows, including the Windows 10.

Starting in May 2020, we are pausing all optional non-security releases (C and D updates) for all supported versions of Windows client and server products to prioritize security and keep customers protected and productive.

Pausing the C and D updates means, Microsoft is pausing those updates that it pushes out in the third and fourth weeks of the month. These are non-vital to the security of the PC, so can take a back seat during the alarming state of the world.

It is to be noted that the Patch Tuesday releases that are B releases in formal terms of Microsoft will continue to be pushed out normally. Because these are cumulative collections of security patches that are needed to be available to the PCs. The upcoming Tuesday patch will arrive on April 14 with an aim to keep the PCs, notebooks away from any issue during this pandemic.

We have been evaluating the public health situation, and we understand this is impacting our customers. In response to these challenges, we are prioritizing our focus on security updates.

It is pretty normal to question how COVID-19 is forcing Microsoft to halt stop C and D releases? Microsoft didn’t come right out and say it but these non-essential updates can produce unwanted issues to the machines running supported versions of Windows. And, during this time where every one of us is working from home, it would be difficult to arrange assistance.

On the other hand, security updates are meant to bring the latest patches to curb any potential threat. So, these are vital to be available, no matter what, especially during the time when several malicious campaigns are taking advantage.



Microsoft to pause non-essential Windows 10 updates starting May 22
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