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Microsoft Edge becomes second most popular desktop browser in March | Report

07 April 2020 0

Microsoft Edge rolled out to the public at the beginning of this year after going through a series of Dev and Beta updates. Microsoft switched to a Chromium engine for its browser from EdgeHTML for many good reasons, for instance, the new engine brings fewer bugs and better alignment with web standards. Microsoft deemed other opportunities as well when it decided this huge shift, including the increase in user adoption and market share. And, looks like whatever Microsoft aimed for is finally taking shape.

A new report from NetmarketShare states that in just three months, the new Microsoft Edge browser has gained a significant amount of market share. In fact, Microsoft Edge outdid the Mozilla Firefox with a 7.59% market share in the browser market. This is a slight lead over the Firefox that held 7.19% in the same month but it is still pretty significant.

This slender lead has made the Microsoft Edge browser the second most popular desktop web browser. It is assumed that the browser comes as a default one with Windows10 laptops and this is the reason the browser has gained some traction in just three months of its public release. Microsoft also recently announced that Windows 10 has reached 1 billion users milestone, so this could be a major reason how the new browser grabbed a good amount of user base.

This alludes that the decision to switch from EdgeHTML to Chromium engine is giving some serious fruits to Microsoft. Note that the implementation put Microsoft Edge on par with Google Chrome in terms of functionality and this is the reason why more and more users are liking the new browser and hence the increased user adoption.

The competition between the Firefox and Microsoft Edge began to rise in February, according to the data shared by the report. In February, Edge had 7.38% market share and Firefox had 7.57 percent. The report also includes other web browsers as well, including Chrome, Apple’s Safari and Opera. In comparison, the Chrome web browser is still leading with the biggest chunk of the market share.

The Microsoft Edge brings a plethora of new features, including a redesigned UI, Google Chrome extensions, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and many more.



Microsoft Edge becomes second most popular desktop browser in March | Report
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