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Google partners with Parallels to bring Windows apps to Chrome enterprise

18 June 2020 0

Google has announced that under its new partnership with Parallels, it is bringing several Microsoft apps to its Chrome OS for the enterprise. This means the "full-featured Windows" apps will run virtualized on Chromebooks.

In a long blog post, which talks about many things, including how the COVID-19 situation is challenging and how the company has come out of steady evolution, Google puts a one-liner on the partnership and promised to bring more information on the same soon. But the essence of the blog post is that Google is looking at the future of Chrome OS for enterprises and its new partnership is one of a few steps that the company has started dealing in.

Google says that the new partnership brings legacy application support, which means the ability to run Windows applications on the OS. And as Google stresses on the Chrome OS for enterprise use, these apps will be specific to Enterprise users.

To the uninitiated ones, Parallels is a provider of software virtualization and it brings cross-platform solutions to enable virtual desktops and applications to any device. Google by partnering with Parallels is aiming at bringing a virtualized environment that would let enterprise users run Windows apps on Chrome OS. Parallels is essentially a huge application that lets you run apps on a different OS altogether. As soon as you shut down Parallels, everything installed on it disappears until you start Parallels up again.

This helps in building remote access to computers from any device. This is what Google is aiming for as well. Google in its blog post does not explain everything but it stresses remote work as well. Google elaborates on how remote work is becoming a need of the hour, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic that has proven to be a “tipping point.” Google exemplifies that companies of all sizes have implemented work from home and running several functions remotely. Parallels can help in running even the most demanding applications effortlessly. But Google is just looking at bringing the core Microsoft apps directly to its Chrome OS for now.

We would hear more about Google's plans in the coming days or weeks.



Google partners with Parallels to bring Windows apps to Chrome enterprise
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