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Chrome may soon allow you to save tabs for later with its new “Read Later” mode

27 July 2020 0

Google may soon bake a new Read Later mode right inside its Chrome browser for the web to allow users to save tabs for later. As spotted by a Redditor, this is currently available in the Canary version as a flag and can be enabled or disabled manually. The screenshot shared on Reddit shows the feature is coming to all the platforms – Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS as well.

The screenshot shows the new feature is addressed as “Read Later” mode and it comes as a handy way to save the tabs so that you can read or access them later.

Currently, the browser allows you to save all tabs in a folder inside a bookmark and this is done by following a few steps. But the new mode will cut these steps down to probably just one where you would be able to save all the opened tabs in just one go. Naturally, the new Read Later mode comes as a handy feature where it would make the whole process of saving your opened tabs on Chrome easier and even faster, of course.

This is something that so many extensions already allow you to do on the Chrome browser. Sometimes we open loads of tabs in one time on the browser for research or any other purpose and that too around just one topic. But we do not just grasp everything from those opened tabs at one time and we do require something that could save our opened tabs and allow us to open them some other day. Here is where extensions and now “Read Later” mode come into play. They will just save your opened tabs with them and you can access them later whenever you like.

Currently, I am using an extension called Session Buddy that helps me to save all my opened tabs with a name. I can also remove any tab that I do not wish to save. I can access them whenever I want to read them or take a reference to.

It is good to see that the team behind Google Chrome is working on this feature and could soon make it available for public use as well.



Chrome may soon allow you to save tabs for later with its new “Read Later” mode
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