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Google's Chrome OS Flex now available for everyone, exits beta testing

15 July 2022 3

Google has announced that Chrome OS Flex is now available for prime-time usage. The cloud-first Chrome OS version debuted earlier this year and was under beta testing since then. It seems like the development team is satisfied with the beta testing so far and is now ready to roll it out for an audience that goes beyond tech enthusiasts.

Chrome OS Flex is aimed at aging PCs and Macs which are not capable of running the latest operating systems like Windows and macOS respectively. It will particularly be beneficial for enterprise customers as they will not have to upgrade to newer machines to keep using modern features and security fixes. It is very much easy to deploy and requires only a USB drive for installation.

Google is even testing and certifying devices to give users an idea of what kind of experience they can expect. It currently divides tested devices into three categories: Certified, Minor issues expected, and Major issues expected. There are over 400 devices that have been certified so far and the team is working on adding more. If your particular device is not on the list, you can always run Chrome OS Flex on your laptop without even installing it. This is called previewing the OS and if things work as you want them to, you can proceed with the fully-fledged installation.

The cloud-first operating system is said to deliver proactive security. It will prevent users from various kinds of threats including ransomware, malware, and even employee errors. It features Chrome Enterprise Upgrade so that business owners can manage apps and policies from anywhere in the world. There is support for background updates which will reduce device downtime and eventually boost productivity.



Google's Chrome OS Flex now available for everyone, exits beta testing
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