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Nvidia brings external support for its Quadro GPUs

01 August 2017 0

Laptops are becoming thinner and even more portable. However, alongside this also increases the expectations of consumers for manufacturers to fit high performing hardware into an extremely small form factor. As professional video editing is on the rise, high-end hardware is a must, even in laptops. However, given certain limitations due to size, it becomes difficult to cool high-end components when stuffed into a laptop. Sure, there’s always the option of using a docking system for adding an external GPU and PSU to give it the juice which it requires. While this has been made available for most gaming GPUs, the Nvidia Quadro GPUs were still waiting for such a provision.

NVidia has decided to support their workstation Quadro GPUs in external enclosures. This means that these GPUs can be docked and used as an external GPU to give the laptop an extra boost. This will lead to improvements in speeds for graphics professionals as well as 10-bit support for applications based on OpenGL. While a few may be surprised by this, many may have seen this coming as Nvidia began rolling out drivers for Mac and Apple went ahead with the eGPU update for its MacOS High Sierra.

On the note of new driver releases, Nvidia will be releasing a new set of drivers for the Titan X which is supposedly expected to increase its already stellar performance. The workstation enclosures or docks supporting external Quadro GPUs will only be available through Nvidia’s partner resellers from September.



Nvidia brings external support for its Quadro GPUs
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