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Amazon working on a free live news app for Fire TV | Report

02 April 2019 3

Amazon is reportedly working on a free live news app for Fire TV. The report has been shared by The Information citing sources familiar with the discussions between Amazon and news outlets. The app will be free to use but can be ad-supported as it is likely to be a Roku Channel rival.

It is reported that Amazon is currently busy approaching various news organizations including Verizon which owns Yahoo News and Finance. It is working towards striking deals with them and to make itself stand apart, it is said to be considering partnering with local news providers as well. It can help it attract those people who have a keen interest in local news as well.

If we talk about Roku Channel, it is a free app that provides live news from the likes of ABC News, Cheddar, Yahoo News, and Finance. The app is free to download and use but makes use of ads to generate revenue. While the app is available on Roku streaming stick, it can also be used on third-party devices as well. This allows Roku to reach a wider range of audience with ease.

Other specific deals about the Amazon news app for Fire TV are currently unknown. It includes exact date and pricing as well as whether there will be any exclusive content. The release is speculated to happen in coming months, maybe around the same time when the new Apple TV app with channels support becomes available. If that happens, it will certainly result in an interesting battle between the two tech giants.



Amazon working on a free live news app for Fire TV | Report
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