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Huawei requests devs to offer their apps on its AppGallery app store | Report

11 June 2019 0

The future of Huawei smartphones and tablets' software support is uncertain as its Android license has been revoked by Google. It happened just when the Trump Administration announced a trade ban. Even though there is a reprieve period of three months, Huawei has started to look out for ways to tackle the situation if the ban does not get overturned.

A new report mentions that Huawei has started to reach out to certain app developers asking them to publish their apps on its own app store called AppGallery. It is the store that comes pre-installed on Huawei and Honor devices sold worldwide. One of the developers shared the email with XDA folks but also kept his identity anonymous.

In the email, Huawei has shared various insights and stats with an attempt of convincing developers to make their apps available on AppGallery. It mentions that in the last two years, over 350 million Huawei smartphones have been shipped worldwide and about half of them outside China and in western markets. It further added that the app store has about 270 million monthly active users which is something developers will surely be interested in.

Huawei's developer community is said to have about 560,000 members but it did not share any data related to active users. Lastly, it said that their team will provide complete support to developers if they decide to bring their apps over to AppGallery. It has not been explained exactly what kind of support will be offered but it is said to be helpful in a smooth transition.

The decision to send invitation mail to devs makes perfect sense for the Chinese smartphone giant. It is already known to be working on a new operating system that will be used as an Android alternative if it is made to quite Google's Android platform. But as we know that no matter what an OS brings, it ultimately comes down the number and type of apps it can offer. This is the reason Huawei will need to at least all the most widely used Android apps on its app store to convince users to stay and keep using its phone despite having no Android.



Huawei requests devs to offer their apps on its AppGallery app store | Report
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