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Sony PlayStation 5 dev kit real-life photo leaks, similar to the patented design

22 October 2019 0

We know that Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) is all set to go official in Holidays 2020 which has got all gaming enthusiasts excited, especially the ones who love to game on consoles. It is the reason people are eager to know what the PS5 will look like. Sony has kept it a secret for obvious reasons but a real-life image of the PlayStation 5 developer kit has surfaced online.

The leaked image has been shared by a YouTube channel ZoneofTech which obtained it through an anonymous source. The prototype shows a PlayStation 5 design similar to the one seen in a recent Sony patent application. It has a very old-school design which has found it hard to find fans so far. It has a V-shaped design with vents on the sides for heat dissipation along with a bunch of buttons and ports on the front side.

Sony PlayStation 5 Patent Design

The unit has "Prototype 1. Not For Sale" written on the top left side confirming that it is indeed meant to be used only by developers. It allows devs to test their upcoming games on the new console to ensure that they run smoothly once the PS5 and those games go on sale. This is something Sony has been doing for a very long time and even Microsoft does ahead of a new Xbox gaming console release.

As for those wondering whether it is the actual PlayStation 5 design, it is highly unlikely to happen. We have seen Sony's PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 developer kits which looked nothing like the final consumer product. Those kits also had a weird and bulkier design but the official products had a better, eye-pleasing, and slimmer profile. We would suggest you wait for more details to appear to get a better idea of what to expect from the Sony PlayStation 5 design.



Sony PlayStation 5 dev kit real-life photo leaks, similar to the patented design
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