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Microsoft still working on affordable, disc-less Xbox 'Lockhart' | Report

05 December 2019 0

If you had started to make your peace with the information that Microsoft does not have plans for releasing a new affordable Xbox, this new Kotaku report should give you some much-needed hope. The report cites four sources to claim that the previously rumored Project Scarlett variant Lockhart console is still under development.

Those sources have told the publication that Xbox Lockhart is being projected as a toned-down variant of the main flagship console Scarlett. This new console will be more powerful but will have the same performance difference as the current generation Xbox One S and Xbox One X. It will be a lot similar to the recently unveiled Xbox One S All-Digital Edition console.

It simply means that the Lockhart will be an affordable gaming console with no physical disc support. Gamers will have to purchase their preferred games digitally. This is the reason that Microsoft is expected to promote Project xCloud cloud-based game streaming service and Xbox Game Pass gaming subscription service alongside the console at the time of the launch.

In terms of performance, one of the developers has compared it to be on par with the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro. Microsoft wants devs to target both Xbox console versions but limit Lockhart to 1440 pixels resolution at 60 frames per second. It is aiming to offer 4K resolution at 60 fps only on the premium Scarlett console. One big change available on the affordable Xbox will be the inclusion of solid-state drives that should help reduce loading times.

The report further mentions that many aspects of the Lockhart console are yet to be finalized. It is also worth mentioning that Microsoft has refrained from talking about any such affordable Xbox variant so far. It has kept its official wordings limited to the Scarlett version scheduled for launch during Holidays 2020.



Microsoft still working on affordable, disc-less Xbox 'Lockhart' | Report
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