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Samsung Electronics starts mass production of 16-Gigabit GDDR6

18 January 2018 2

Korean tech giant Samsung has finally initiated mass production of the world’s first 16-gigabit (Gb) capable GDDR6 (Graphics Double Data Rate 6) memory that would be utilized in the growing need of handling advanced graphics and its processing in gaming devices, in graphics cards and much importantly in the artificial intelligence and automotive systems in the modern tech industry.

Jinman Han who is the senior vice president of Memory Product Planning & Application Engineering with Samsung shared in a statement:

“Beginning with this early production of the industry’s first 16Gb GDDR6, we will offer a comprehensive graphics DRAM line-up, with the highest performance and densities, in a very timely manner,”

The latest 10-nanometer (nm) class* process technology doubles on the memory with 16Gb density when compared to the 20-nanometer 8Gb GDDR5 memory from last year. The latest offering raises the data transfer speeds to 72 gigabytes per second (GBps) which is a clear two-fold improvement over the predecessor 8Gb GDDR5. Newly released 8Gb GDDR6 operates at 1.35V which is about 35 percent decrease compared to the much popular GDDR5 working at 1.55V. It's also believed that AMD’s first Navi GP might be coming up with GDDR6 too.

Likewise, the 10nm-class also offers 30 percent gain in productivity when compared to the previous version. The production of the latest memory unit from the Korean tech giant would play a crucial role in the launch of next-generation graphics cards offering much immersive graphics and gaming experience in addition to helping in the widely growing 8K Ultra HD video processing and most importantly in the field of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Artificial Intelligence).



Samsung Electronics starts mass production of 16-Gigabit GDDR6
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