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Try these Galaxy S9 inside out wallpapers showcasing internal components

23 March 2018 4

Last year we saw iPhone X teardown wallpapers that allowed the user to view inside of the iPhone X. Well not in actual, though the wallpaper features a similar view as of the internals of the iPhone X which is quite a unique wallpaper to use. This time we have a similar thing for Samsung Galaxy S9 where users could see inside out of the device.

Though unlike iPhone X, the internals of the Galaxy S9 are placed inside out meaning by that if a picture was taken from top of the Galaxy S9 with no screen at the top, all the internal components would be faced backwards which would definitely be boring to see unlike many Galaxy S9 users want to rock wallpapers with upper side of the components laid down.

Looking forward to this, a popular online journal published these exciting wallpapers for your rock. Download these images by right-clicking them and saving them to your phone. Then open up your Gallery and choose ‘Set as Wallpaper’ option. By then you could either post them both on your lock screen and your home screen or either of them. Let us know in the comment section what you think of these.

Galaxy S9+ Wallpaper
Galaxy S9 Wallpaper
Galaxy S9+ X-Ray Wallpaper
Galaxy S9 X-Ray Wallpaper
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Try these Galaxy S9 inside out wallpapers showcasing internal components
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