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Samsung tells what semiconductors make today’s mobile devices so advanced

28 March 2018 2

Samsung captures the maximum of the semiconductor market and if go by the report of research firm Gartner that came earlier this year, Samsung has topped this market in 2017 and already surpassed Intel with its highest revenue. With its diversified semiconductor solutions, Samsung is shaping up today’s mobile phones.

The components that are hidden under today’s advanced mobile devices are actually the innovative semiconductor and LED solutions. And, while many, especially who aren’t belonging to any tech background don’t care about the actual machinery behind these advanced mobile phones, the tech enthusiasts do know what goes behind the walls and how they work collectively.

Samsung has a diversified portfolio of semiconductors that include powerful processors, DRAMs, Image Sensors, an array of component solutions that bring reinforce security, power management ICs, and more. Today’s phones are fitted with such advanced components that not only enhance the experience but also the security, which is vital for a true user experience.

Samsung has shared an infographic in order to explain what its new Galaxy flagships include. With the help of this, the South Korean company once again talks about its newest processor, which is Exynos 9 Series 9810 processor. The SoC empowers the International variant of Galaxy S9 series. This is built upon the company’s latest 2nd generation 10nm LPP process technology. Next up is the LPDDR4X memory chip, which is company’s up-to-date mobile DRAM solution that provides breakthrough RAM performance and energy efficiency for a prompt multi-tasking.

Samsung recently also brought ISOCELL Fast 2L3, a 3-stack fast readout image sensor with an embedded 2GB LPDDR4 memory for an enhanced mobile imaging and video functionality with an ability to record at 960fps for slow-motion video shooting.

Furthermore, another semiconductor that makes today’s Galaxy devices so advanced is the iris sensor that enables a fast yet highly secure option to unlock or authorize application access. Also, the power management IC delivers a stable supply of power so that the devices perform with an optimal energy efficiency.

Samsung will continue to bring to expand and evolve in its semiconductor business so as to bring luxury and convenience in the hands of its users.



Samsung tells what semiconductors make today’s mobile devices so advanced
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Samsung is a giant when it comes to semiconductors business. And when any info comes from them, you know, how important it means.


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