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Samsung and Fitbit posing serious competition to Apple Watch

01 March 2019 3

Tech industry is a strange place to be placed in. Fast paced market consistently challenges even the top contenders to produce something different, unique and compelling to the potential buyers before they would jump on to a competitor’s offerings. A similar case seems to be with Apple Watch that besides having a healthy market share and shipments, the Cupertino tech giant Apple has begun to feel pressure from its counterparts.

Apple enjoyed sales of 1.4 million units more than the previous year in the same quarter where Apple Watch brought in 9.2 million products shipped as per data provided by Strategy Analytics. Now interestingly, the same company shared Samsung to be jumping up the ladder to second spot surpassing Fitbit when it comes to wearable products manufacturings.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch seems to be a tough competitor to Apple Watch offering pretty much the same capability packed in a circular design language that many consumers prefer over a squarish shape of Apple Watch. On the other hand, Fitbit has its very own release via Versa which offers a unique selling point, that is its price. Being far less expensive then both of Apple and Samsung’s products, Versa has a very solid placement in the wearable market.

Interestingly, all of these brands are using their very own software and the only apparent loser is Google which doesn’t manufacturer its wearable device but has it’s the wearable OS to offer to OEMs which are preferring to use their own software.

Where do you see the wearable market heading towards in the future? Let us know in the comment section below.



Samsung and Fitbit posing serious competition to Apple Watch
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Really, Samsung and Fitbit are posing serious competition to Apple Watch? The other day I read Apple Watch has captured half the world market share already :confused:


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