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OnePlus 7 Pro vs Galaxy S10+ battery test comparison does have a winner but there's no trophy

17 June 2019 0

OnePlus 7 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus are the two new entrants in the market which are fighting against each other for an ultimate flagship spot. The OnePlus 7 Pro has already proved itself when it comes to the performance, but the Galaxy S10 Plus isn’t too far behind, though the former has grabbed the top spot on AnTuTu’s list of top performing Android phones, just in case numbers matter to you. OnePlus 7 Pro very swiftly snatches the charm from other available flagships in the market and crowns itself as the top player, well, if some speed test comparisons are considered.

Both the Galaxy S10 Plus and the OnePlus 7 Pro are the two best performing Android phones. They are the latest and include all the latest hardware and software so as to offer you the top-notch experience. Individually, they both have something different to offer to you, but the competition becomes fierce when you start comparing them. Like, the latest battery test comparison between the two by PhoneBuff. The YouTuber compares both the Galaxy S10 Plus and the OnePlus 7 Pro to know which one lasts longer after performing a series of tasks.

75.9 x 162.6 x 8.8 mm
6.67 inches - 3120x1440 px
74.1 x 157.6 x 7.8 mm
6.4 inches - 3040x1440 px
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The battery test starts with 1-hour calling and turns out the OnePlus 7 Pro clearly wins the race. After the completion of one hour calling, the OnePlus 7 Pro was still retaining the 100% battery and the Galaxy S10 Plus’ came down to 94%, which is a big drop. The next test, however, shows the tied results. Text messaging for 1 hour took 15% of battery of the OnePlus 7 Pro thus ended up tying with the result of Galaxy S10 Plus whose battery dropped to 8%. In the third test, OnePlus 7 Pro’s battery dropped further 10% and the Galaxy S10 Plus’ managed to secure its battery by dropping only 8% of it. So, now the OnePlus 7 Pro’s battery stays at 75% and the Galaxy S10 Pro’s at 78%.

The YouTuber did some more extensive tests on both of the devices and at last, it’s the Galaxy S10 Plus that came out as a winner. When OnePlus 7 Pro’s battery dropped down to 1%, the Galaxy S10 Plus’ was still hanging around with 16% and even ready to take some more tasks. One of the reasons that OnePlus 7 Pro died early is its display’s higher refresh rate. While this new 90Hz addition makes scrolling smoother, it consumes much battery at the same time. You’d see in the battery test that when the robot was scrolling through Instagram feeds for an hour, OnePlus 7 Pro’s battery dropped the maximum.


The OnePlus 7 Pro screen on time is 8 hours and 3 minutes Galaxy 10 Plus has 9 hours 11 minutes. After going through the same set of extensive battery tests, the Galaxy S10 Plus wins the race for offering 25 hours and 11 minutes of usage over 24 hours and 3 minutes survive of the OnePlus 7 Pro. As you'll see the difference isn't big as both the devices are offering you complete 1-day battery life. Seeing OnePlus 7 Pro a little behind doesn't make it a loser. But, the Galaxy S10 Plus did the commendable job there.



OnePlus 7 Pro vs Galaxy S10+ battery test comparison does have a winner but there's no trophy
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