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This is why Galaxy Note 10 doesn't have a headphone jack | Report

08 August 2019 0

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 doesn’t have a headphone jack and Samsung has an explanation for this. The company hasn’t announced the reason behind removing the 3.5mm headphone jack but it has justified the same.

A Samsung rep told TheVerge that the removal of the headphone jack has helped them to make some room for extra battery capacity. The Galaxy Note 10 is a phablet consisting of some hefty specifications that could hog much battery and having an extra battery capacity onboard could give the device some extra life.

Secondly, the elimination of the headphone jack has improved haptic feedback because there’s no longer a hollow cavity for the jack inside the phone.

Note that this isn’t the first time Samsung removed the basic necessity from its product, there are others on the list as well but it’s the first Galaxy Note and premium device that has left the audio jack behind. And, Samsung never even bothered to explain it in other cases. It’s the first time Samsung has come up to justify or better say excuses.

It appears Samsung is done with the headphone jack, at least, for its Note series that will come in future. Well, users may not like this change at all and some may not even bother about it. Manufacturers are swiftly shifting to a new phase but it’s not good to see Samsung coming with kind of poor excuses. In the recent past, Samsung mocked Apple for removing the audio jack from iPhones and now it has itself taken the same road. Remember that Samsung ingenious dongle advertisement? Well, time is changing and the tech world is evolving so what was adopted by a company before will be adopted by others later.

For the prospective buyers' convenience, Samsung has included a pair of USB-C wired earphones in the box. So that’s a good thing! But, hey! You won’t be able to listen to the audio while your phone is on charge via the wired medium.

In related news, the new Galaxy Note 10 series isn't compatible with the Gear VR headset.



This is why Galaxy Note 10 doesn't have a headphone jack | Report
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