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Samsung offers one-time screen replacement to Galaxy Fold users for $149

25 September 2019 0

Samsung Galaxy Fold has arrived again but you have to be mindful when using it as it requires some extra care. In fact, it “deserves care like no other,” if we quote exactly what Samsung mentioned in a video while re-introducing its fragile device.

The first foldable Android phone made by the major manufacturer has come again but we aren’t really proud of it since it comes with some cautions, some serious ones that have been said by the maker itself. Samsung clearly mentions you need to handle this device with extreme care and protect it from certain things so that it doesn’t get damaged.

Previously, Samsung didn’t promote the Galaxy Fold as it’s promoting it now. Those who got their hands on the device for the first time peeled off the protective film on the display. This made the display vulnerable to dust or debris and hence it got damaged and eventually went completely black. It was observed that the debris entered the Galaxy Fold through openings on the top and bottom of the hinge. In some cases, the debris produced bulges on the internal screen and made the review units unable to work.

Now, after recalling the units, Samsung made some changes to the design of its first foldable phone. The protective film is now tucked under the bezels so that users don’t remove it. Also, the top and bottom of the hinges are now capped to prevent dirt and debris entering the device through the opening. There are metal layers added to reinforce the Infinity Flex display.

One-time screen replacement -

So, Samsung has brought the possible solutions to the two most glaring problems emerged during the tests. And, there are some clear warnings as well, but what if you happen to damage the Galaxy Fold even after so much care. So, to deal with such instances or the cases where you just damage the display without being too watchful, Samsung has come up with an offer, where it will provide a one-time screen replacement. But this comes with a couple of clauses, the first is the Galaxy Fold screen will be replaced within one year of purchase; if you made a purchase of it before December 31st, and you have to shell out $149 (included taxes).

This comes out as good news as the Galaxy Fold’s polymer screen is highly susceptible to damage as we saw from a recent durability test.

So, you have one opportunity to get the screen of the Galaxy Fold replaced. And, should you need to replace the screen a second time, you’d need to pay heftily to get it replaced. Now, Samsung is all-clear on its part.

Samsung Galaxy Fold is re-launching in the US on September 27th. So, if all the warnings don't scare you off or if you're ready to shell out $1980 for the device and extra $149 in case of screen damage then the device is coming for you to purchase.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Samsung offers one-time screen replacement to Galaxy Fold users for $149
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