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New Galaxy Fold display got damaged after a day's usage

27 September 2019 0

The newly fixed Samsung Galaxy Fold is currently on sale in select markets including the United States and South Korea. It has also started to make its way to the hands of tech reviewers. The newer version is expected to solve the issues that surfaced during the first rollout but as per a new report, it seems like at least one unit has apparently failed to live up to the expectations.

This particular unit belongs to Brian Heater, Hardware Editor at TechCrunch. In a post, he has mentioned that his original Galaxy Fold unit did not face any issues at all but with the newly fixed Galaxy Fold, the display could not last more than a day. He spotted a small blob right in the center of the display. It seems like a cluster of pixels that got stuck right there in the middle, the area from where the device folds.

Image Credit: TechCrunch

Heater adds that he used the Galaxy Fold normally and nothing unusual happened throughout the day's usage. The exact reason behind the occurrence is unknown but is speculated to be due to the pressing of the display when it is folded. The damaged unit has been sent to Samsung for further investigation to determine the actual cause.

To be honest, it is not surprising to see the new and fixed Galaxy Fold getting damaged like this. Samsung has already released a video showing how to take care of the device and even the device itself comes with a long list of warnings along with dos and don'ts. And add a recent durability video showing how fragile the Galaxy Fold display is, it is certainly a device that demands way lot of attention and care if you want it to keep working as expected.

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New Galaxy Fold display got damaged after a day's usage
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