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Samsung Galaxy Fold lasted for only 120,000 folds in folding test [video]

07 October 2019 0

Ever since Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone, people have had their share of doubts regarding its durability. We have already talked about JerryRigEverything's durability video and now, the folks over at CNET have put the Galaxy Fold to a folding test to see for how long it will last.

The team made use of a machine developed by SquareTrade that was capable of folding and unfolding the smartphone repeatedly and automatically for hours. They live-streamed the folding test on YouTube which went for close to 12 hours. The Galaxy Fold managed to last for 120,169 folds before it stopped working. In real-world usage, this suggests that the phone should do fine for about 3 years of usage as compared to Samsung's own claim of up to 5 years and about 200,000 folds.

Even though there is a significant difference between what Samsung said and what we saw in the CNET test, there are a few things to keep in mind before reaching any conclusion. The speed difference between the two folding tests is very much noticeable as Samsung's test was quite slower or you can say more gentle. The higher and regular folding speed is likely to result in the phone getting damaged sooner than later. The second point is that a human is very unlikely to fold/unfold the device so many times and at the same speed.

It means while Galaxy Fold's folding mechanism should be able to last for 3 years with ease, there are a few other issues that you need to be careful about if you plan to or have already purchased the device. One of them is sand or dust particles that can still enter the phone and cause damages to the display. There has been at least one report of the display getting a pixel blob despite normal usage. All in all, be prepared for taking gentle care of the device if you want to own one.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Samsung Galaxy Fold lasted for only 120,000 folds in folding test [video]
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