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Apple disables Group FaceTime to address calling issue | Report

29 January 2019 3

A major bug found in Group FaceTime seems to be under testing as Apple has already taken it offline. That was a serious issue and had to be taken into account immediately but those who couldn’t follow this biggest happening here’s a quick brief of the same for them. This bug reportedly appears when a user creates a FaceTime conference call; the FaceTime users would be able to hear the other person before they even pick up the call.

Many publications and users reproduced it to test what goes behind it. Starting a FaceTime video call and while it was still ringing, the caller would need to swipe from the bottom of the screen and click “Add Person.” The user would then just need to add his own phone number to the call to see this bug in action. Surprisingly, the caller is able to hear the microphone from the other device, even if the owner is nowhere nearby or declines it. So many users started disabling the app on their respective devices so keep this issue away from it. The bug wasn’t lesser than a spying option for the callers as it allows them to hear what the other person is saying.

Here's a reproduction by a user -

Later on, TheVerge reported that not only the audio but the caller can even see the video if the caller dismisses the call with the power or volume button.

That’s a serious bug and it surprisingly emerged on Data Privacy Day when Apple Chie Executive Officer Tim Cook called for “action and reform for vita privacy protections.”

Apple hasn’t yet provided any official statement on the security flaw but it must be rectifying the bug as a priority.



Apple disables Group FaceTime to address calling issue | Report
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