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Apple to pay 14-year old student for FaceTime bug findings

09 February 2019 2

Leading tech companies in the world encourage independent security researchers from around the globe to find and report a bug in their system against which the company gifts a cash amount (in most cases). Cupertino tech giant Apple also has a bug bounty program that started back in 2006 to do so the same though it seems that the program is kind of crippling to deliver what it was actually meant for i.e to pay out cash prize and encourage security researchers.

Just recently, a 14-year old high school student who resides in Tucson, Arizona found out a bug where while having a group chat with friends. He reported the bug to his mother who is a lawyer, who then tried contacting Apple to report the bug. Unfortunately, the company was quite late to get back to the kid and his family appreciating their effort and only did so when the bug was out viral in the public and much after the bug was fixed.

This wasn’t how the bug bounty program was designed to do so. If only Apple reached out to him (the 14-year old boy) and his family appreciating them and giving them due credit (with monetary value), it would have left a positive impact.

Though Apple has now confirmed that it would be compensating him and his family with cash and will help him with his education. Apple’s bug bounty program offers $25000 to $200,000 to encourage security researchers around the world.



Apple to pay 14-year old student for FaceTime bug findings
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