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iOS 12.1.4 update introduces bugs on iPhones

12 February 2019 4

Software updates often address and fix a ton of issue, however, at times, they open a can of worms. It appears that that’s exactly what the iOS 12.1.4 update has done for iPhone users. While it has fixed a few bugs previously present on iOS like the FaceTime bug, it has introduced a whole lot of new bugs. Unfortunately, after installing the update, iPhone users have been complaining about a number of issues with their smartphones. So, what exactly are they facing?

Well, for starters, after updating to iOS 12.1.4, iPhone users have had problems with cellular data connectivity. In addition to this, other network problems have cropped up, including Wi-Fi connectivity issues and even unrecognizable SIMs. In all fairness, network issues were introduced with iOS 12. However, it seems like this recent update has only made matters worse and aggravated the issue. Sadly, even the iPhone XS and XS Max are suffering a similar fate! Broken features seem to be the highlight of this update. Touch ID even seems to be giving trouble.

Users have reached out to the company but their efforts have fallen on deaf ears at the moment. Apple has decided to remain quiet about the issue and sweep it under the rug. Users will probably have to wait for a fix in the next software update. As of now, there’s no time frame for when the next update will roll out. In situations like this, patience is the name of the game!



iOS 12.1.4 update introduces bugs on iPhones
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