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Twitter holds your data even after you delete it and it's scary

18 February 2019 3

The Internet is a weird place and those who say that once you’re on it, you don’t have privacy is quite a strong argument made. While different social media platforms talk about privacy and roll out new features to make sure that the world knows how protected their content is, it’s hard to digest so. Every now and then, some incident takes place violating user privacy in the meanest of ways. Just recently, a Twitter bug exposed protected tweets of Android users and now we have something more horrifying.

While Twitter allows its users to delete its direct messages (DMs) from their side of the user interface, the recipient is still allowed to keep their copy in place. while they could also opt to delete their copy which means that when both parties are willing to delete the data, it ‘should actually be deleted from Twitter’s servers’ as well. Is that the case? Recent research finds out otherwise.

The research finds out that Twitter tends to hold DMs even sent years back that were deleted from the user’s side. This could be seen when you download the archived data of your account. What’s even more interesting is that the data from suspended accounts or deleted accounts are still available to access.

Not that this is a bug or something, what’s negative on the part of Twitter where it says that it does delete the data once deleted from user’s side poses a negative impact on company’s profile. Knowing that the data is still available to be download (that you deleted years ago) is against what Twitter tells the world.

While Twitter shared to an online journal in this regard saying, “looking into this further to ensure we have considered the entire scope of the issue,”. This gives quite a good reminder that once you’re on the internet, you should make up your mind that your privacy is and will be voided.



Twitter holds your data even after you delete it and its scary
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