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Instagram database holding private data of influencers and celebrities exposed

21 May 2019 3

As much as we talk about the pros of how well connected the world is and how it has become a global village where everyone is connected to each other in real-time through social media platforms, there is a growing concern over the data security and user privacy. While Facebook had a long history of privacy breaches and hacks where data for millions of users were compromised, photo sharing app Instagram was relatively safe.

There was one incident back in 2017 where data for high profile accounts on Instagram was stolen by hackers apart from another breach compromising data of 6 million users. Now in the latest development, a security researcher Anurag Sen found out a database hanging out loose in the public, owned by a Mumbai based social media marketing firm Chtrbox. The database exposed not only the public information like bios, followers and locations, but the critical personal information like phone numbers, email address of the people on the database that got exposed.

While Facebook and Instagram are investigating into this matter, these tech giants have yet no clue as to how the Mumbai based social media marketing firm got hands on to the database as they hold no dealing with the Indian company. It’s quite scary to know that no one knows who else had access to this database apart from Chtrbox and the investigations are yet to unveil anything constructive into this.

If it’s that easy to get Instagram user’s data which a private firm in India is having access to, it raises major questions marks on the privacy offered by the popular Facebook-owned image and video sharing app Instagram.

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Instagram database holding private data of influencers and celebrities exposed
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As if the last few critical months weren't enough for Facebook, the company owned Instagram is now in the news. And unsurprisingly, for the wrong reasons.


Sensitive information like the location and the phone numbers or the email address also came out in the open. This again reiterates why your phone number is needed by Google for the 2-step verification. In such cases, your accounts can still be safe, isn't it?


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