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Flipboard got hacked, user account data compromised including passwords

30 May 2019 4

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns of an internet user these days. While there is a growing number of services available online, the concern around security is quite serious as we get to experience security breaches happening quite often. In the latest event in this regard, a popular news aggregator Flipboard announced that their database got compromised lately with third-party breaching into their databases multiple times between 2nd June 2018 and 23rd March 2019.

The compromised databases included user account information including usernames, email address, and passwords. This is quite serious and if you ever used Flipboard, you should probably change your passwords to be on the safe side.

While Flipboard didn’t found out any trace of tokens being used to access the database, though the company still deleted them and replaced them. Note that the breach didn’t affect all the Flipboard users and their information like social security numbers, bank account information and credit card numbers in addition to government-issued IDs or any type of financial information wasn’t compromised.

The company has notified the law enforcement about the event that took place. Flipboard is carrying out an investigation into this and we’d get to know more about it as something constructive comes out in this regard.



Flipboard got hacked, user account data compromised including passwords
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