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Google requesting Indian users to change passwords after Chrome 79 update

25 December 2019 0

Google is reported to be showing warnings to Chrome users in India about a possible data breach and urging them to change passwords. The warning is visible to only those users who have updated to the latest Chrome 79 version that also included a fix for the data wiping bug. It should be noted that the warning is shown only if the user visits a website on web or mobile that has been affected by a data breach.

The warning notification reads, “Change your password. A data breach on a site or app exposed your password. Chrome recommends changing your password for the site.”

These warnings are part of the new password protection feature that Google introduced with Chrome 79. It is aimed at making affected users aware of data breaches so that they can change passwords to secure their accounts. This is a crucial addition as a vast majority of users don't even know about these password exposing attacks, especially if they are not done on a large scale. This is the reason we would recommend that you change your password as soon as possible after seeing such a warning from Chrome.

The Chrome 79 update was originally released about 10 days ago but it had to be paused because of an Android System WebView bug. The bug resulted in user data getting disappeared for certain third-party Android apps. Google was quick to fix the bug and it also clarified that it did not delete any data, only made it inaccessible.



Google requesting Indian users to change passwords after Chrome 79 update
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