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Microsoft will release Defender antivirus app for iOS and Android

21 February 2020 0

Microsoft has announced that it will bring Defender antivirus to iOS and Android devices later this year. Defender is the native antivirus software for Windows devices and was expanded to macOS last year. The team is now shifting its focus to mobile devices and targetting two of the biggest mobile operating systems.

As reported by CNBC, Microsoft's Corporate VP Rob Lefferts believes that mobile device users are always at a risk of getting infected by malware or becoming a victim of a phishing attack. It wants to help reduce those possibilities by providing an extra layer of security in the form of the Defender app.

Lefferts has been quoted as saying, “They’re pretty safe, but pretty safe is not the same as safe. Malware does happen on those platforms.”

In particular, Android users have a higher risk factor as they are known to install apps from outside the Google Play Store that can be unverified third-party sources. Phishing attacks are something that can affect both Android and iOS users as they are conducted by creating fake web pages that look strikingly similar to other well-known and trusted websites. They trick users into entering sensitive information like usernames, passwords, and credit card details.

It is currently unknown how exactly the Defender app will work or look like. The only thing Lefferts has revealed that it will be a security app and not a management app. We will have to until further announcements to get a better idea of how the app work and what it will offer.



Microsoft will release Defender antivirus app for iOS and Android
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