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Leaked proposal reveals the EU wants to make battery replacement easier in phones

26 February 2020 0

Replacing the batteries from today’s smartphones is no lesser than a herculean task as it requires extra effort and some specialized types of equipment to get it done right. And, in some scenarios, it is not even possible to take out the old batteries and replace them with a new one. Having a non-removable battery in a smartphone has its own advantages as it offers manufacturers the flexibility to bring more features to their smartphones. For instance, the move allows them to make their phones water and dust resistant, which is also crucial and a requirement. But, replacement is very challenging and it must be easier to maintain the balance.

So, the EU has proposed a plan which urges manufacturers to make the batteries easily replaceable. According to a recent report from Dutch financial publication Het Financieele Dagblad (FD), the EU wants manufacturers to facilitate easier battery replacements. The core idea behind this proposal is to bring durability and generate lesser electronic waste.

According to the leaked draft procured by FD, the vice-president of the ‘Green Deal’ at the European Commission will be presenting it in mid-March. The EU is reportedly adding the finishing touches to the proposal, which will enforce wider product recycling, re-use raw material, more sustainable production. As per the proposal, the manufacturers would need to ensure that their devices are easy to repair.

Reportedly, the proposal also reveals that the EU wants to focus on more extensive recycling of packaging materials and limit the use of microplastics in products and packaging. This will bring sustainability as users will be able to stick with their phones for a longer period of time. It is believed that the EU is also pushing for manufacturers to offer longer guarantee periods and easier to repair information.

Battery degradation is one of the main issues with old phones and an easier replacement or a better case would improve the condition of phones.



Leaked proposal reveals the EU wants to make battery replacement easier in phones
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