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Samsung pledges to improve Galaxy S20 camera following issue reports

27 February 2020 0

Samsung’s every new Galaxy series stands apart from its previous generations in many ways. But, the visible changes can only be observed or felt in a few aspects only like performance, battery, and cameras. Like always, the Galaxy S20 series comes with those usual upgrades as well but Samsung has given a special and serious attention to one major segment this time. We are talking about the cameras which are the real deal in the case of Galaxy S20 series so much so that Samsung even went a little overboard by adding a 108MP sensor with up to 100x zoom to its highest model.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series has beefy camera configuration, with multiple sensors to quench your thirst for photography but their initial reviews aren’t quite satisfactory. The series is yet to go into the hands of users who have preordered it on March 6th, but it is already available with several publications for review purposes.

Those who spent a good amount of time with the Galaxy S20 Ultra have found that the cameras aren’t too great as they should be at their price. Some reviewers are complaining of bugs and underwhelming camera quality. The report takes a couple of publications as a reference to let us know about it.

Some reviews have mentioned that the cameras on the Galaxy S20 Ultra phone have an inconsistent and slower-than-usual focusing mechanism. PCMag and InputMag are yet to put their full review on the phone but they note that the device has faced issues related to autofocus and skin smoothening as well.

Note that Samsung has already delivered the first firmware update to its S20 Ultra phone that aims to improve the camera quality; also, we are yet to hear about any improvements to the cameras from reviewers after the update. The update has been delivered in South Korea but we wait for its distribution to other countries as well.

PCMag mentioned,

"I ran into some disturbing software bugs while trying out the camera. Focus pulsing is the most annoying; sometimes the focus just doesn’t want to lock, or only locks after clearly trying out a few different focal lengths for a second or two. That can be enough to lose a shot. This happened to me most often when trying to focus on something close to the camera; the focus would switch to the close-up object, then to the distance, then back. It also happened in low light time and again."

According to InputMag,

While there’s no arguing that Samsung has crammed in more powerful cameras (on paper), the iPhone 11 Pro is still the superior smartphone camera with wider dynamic range, more life-like colors, sharper details when it comes to skin tones and hair, and smoother video stabilization.

TheVerge notes,

We’re still putting the finishing touches on the Verge review, but we can confirm that we’ve found the same. The camera also exhibits aggressive image processing in certain situations, with a tendency to excessively smooth out skin.

On the issues found on the S20 Ultra, Samsung has reportedly given a response to TheVerge–

The Galaxy S20 features a groundbreaking, advanced camera system. We are constantly working to optimize performance to deliver the best experience for consumers. As part of this ongoing effort, we are working on a future update to improve the camera experience.



Samsung pledges to improve Galaxy S20 camera following issue reports
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