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Pixel 4 face unlock gets 'require eyes to be open' setting | UPD: now live

19 March 2020 0

UPDATE (March 19th, 2020):

With the release of Android 11 Developer Preview 2, Google has made Pixel 4 Face Unlock 'require eyes to be open' setting live. It is available within the Face Unlock setting section and is basically a toggle. It means it is up to the user whether to enable or disable the setting and when.

Original (March 9th, 2020)

Google Pixel 4 is one of those flagship devices that offer facial unlock as the only biometric authentication method. It does not feature a physical fingerprint scanner as Google believes face unlock is secure enough. The only issue is that Pixel 4 face unlock is known to work even when the user's eyes are closed. This resulted in a lot of concern among users and tech experts which led Google to announce that a fix would arrive in the future.

It seems like the wait is getting closer to an end as Android Police folks have spotted a new Pixel 4 system setting. It is visible only after you do a manual search within settings interface. One simply needs to search for "Require eyes to be open" and the newly added setting will be shown in search results.

This particular setting is accessible but can not be used at the moment. Google is yet to enable the feature which also explains why it is visible only through a manual search. As and when it will be enabled for public use, it will also become visible through the Face Unlock setting. It will add an extra layer of security to the face unlocking capability of the Google flagship.

It will ensure that Pixel 4 does not unlock through facial recognition when the user's eyes are closed. It will most likely look for eye blinks to check if the eyes are open and that it is actually a human instead of a face mask or photo. Google is yet to comment on any such rollout plans but we will keep you updated.

(last update 20 March 2020 @ 09:08)



Pixel 4 face unlock gets 'require eyes to be open' setting | UPD: now live
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