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OnePlus’ new logo gets minimal visual changes and it still looks great

18 March 2020 0

OnePlus has evolved much since its inception; it has changed its product strategy over the years and is still analyzing several factors to bring the best to its customers. The company was founded by Pete Lau (CEO) and Carl Pei in December 2013 and since then it is transforming itself to gain excellence and customers’ loyal support. While the company made progress in the smartphone industry, it kept the basic entities of the company the same for years. We are talking about the logo and the brand image that have remained the same for years. But, now it is refreshing both for a new and exhilarating start.

OnePlus hasn’t made big aesthetic changes to the logo that could have led to the change of several important things, including the meaning. There are minor yet significant changes made to the logo of the company. The change of the font of the numeral “1” in the logo is noticeable. The “+” sign is also bigger. Overall, the new logo retains the essence and a few design elements as well.

Mats Hakansson, Global Creative Director said,

OnePlus is not changing who we are, but reinforcing what we stand for – the true spirit of Never Settle. We always design for our users. We feel that these changes maintain the iconic elements of our brand that are beloved by our staff and our community while injecting both excitement and balance into our visual identity.

OnePlus also claims that the new “refreshed logo creates a clearer association between the symbol and the trademark, while also allowing for more flexible application and improved recognizability in digital media."

OnePlus is also updating its color palette under the visual identity change. The logo which centers on OnePlus’s iconic red is now followed y an updated secondary palette of cyan, green, magenta, indigo, and yellow, to make the company’s design and assets more vibrant. You will also notice "Never Settle," the company's motto is now written simply - with initials in upper case and the remaining text in the lower case. and without the white background. Previously, all the letters of the tagline were written in upper case.



OnePlus’ new logo gets minimal visual changes and it still looks great
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