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Google COVID-19 site and "coronavirus tips" shortcut to Assistant offer latest updates

24 March 2020 0

Coronavirus pandemic is accelerating and so is the fear among the people and during this period it is very necessary to enlighten ourselves with only the right information. In some countries, this virus has taken thousands of lives and shut down the businesses and industries, ultimately harming the economy. Health authorities have been updating their respective resources so that we could get accurate information and save ourselves from this deadliest disease.

Several tech companies are participating too so to build easily-accessible platforms from where you could get the necessary details, including symptoms, preventions, and news as well. Microsoft Bing, Google Search, and many others have been building ways to keep us updated and aware. Google recently launched a new site on coronavirus to feed us all the information related to the pandemic. The site offers tabs, including Overview, Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatments. On the right side, you would find the Help & Information with several links to WHO and CDC.

On the left, you would see links to Health information, Data & Insights, basically, everything that you should be aware of during the pandemic. There are videos as well under Safety & Prevention tips. The dedicated site on Coronavirus also shows the common searches around the world that people are doing related to this disease. According to “Top searches related to Coronavirus,” the “coronavirus update” query has the highest searches.

Google Coronavirus site also includes several resources and playlists to help you out in our self-isolation period. There are playlists on workouts, work from home essentials, and so on. Overall, the Coronavirus site made by Google is pretty handy as it offers everything under just one roof. The same site also conducts COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization. Google is aiming to raise $7.5 million to help stop the COVID-19.

In its further efforts and to offer useful tips wherever possible, Google has added “coronavirus tips” shortcut to the Assistant. When you open the Google Assistant, the shortcut appears right on the page, pressing which would open the necessary tips for you to combat the coronavirus. On the top, you would see “Do the Five” PSA, which Google has already been promoting, along with showing some of the latest headlines on the coronavirus.

Along with that, Google is also adding a new shortcut to Google Discover that shows the latest news about the outbreak.



Google COVID-19 site and "coronavirus tips" shortcut to Assistant offer latest updates
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