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Huawei's EMUI gets Smart Charging Mode to boost battery life

26 March 2020 0

Huawei has introduced a new EMUI feature called Smart Charging Mode that will help improve battery health and life. It will make use of on-device artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to make necessary changes to the charging speed. It is specifically aimed at users who tend to charge their devices overnight and leave them plugged in.

Smart Charging Mode was announced by Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei Consumer Business Software. Since smartphone batteries are made of lithium, they tend to degrade due to repetitive charging and discharging cycles. The exact level of degradation also varies depending on the charging habits of users. This is where the AI-powered mode comes into the picture.

It will learn these habits of the user like when he tends to charge the phone and for how long. On the basis of this pattern, it will make tweaks to the charging speed. For example, in the case of overnight charging, it will let the device charge at the usual speed until 80%. It will then slow down the charging speed to ensure that the device gets fully charged by the time the user wakes up. This will prevent the situation called overcharging where a device's battery hits 100% mark and still keeps on drawing power as it continues to be plugged. This is similar to how OnePlus' Optimized Charging works.

The all-new Smart Charging Mode will be an optional feature for EMUI users. It can be enabled/disabled by visiting Settings > Battery > More battery settings > Smart charging mode on compatible devices. As of now, the mode is available on Huawei Mate 30 series and Honor V30 series. It is expected to expand to other phones too but there is no official word on what devices and when.



Huawei's EMUI gets Smart Charging Mode to boost battery life
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