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Google Neighbourly app will no longer be available from May 12

02 April 2020 0

Google Neighbourly app is the latest one to be scrapped off completely and reach Google’s graveyard. In the emails sent to the Neighbourly app users, Google has clearly mentioned that the app couldn’t grow according to what they had expected from it.

The Neighbourly app can be considered as one of the experimental apps from Google that had a great aim to serve, but unfortunately, the plans couldn’t take off as desired.

Google unveiled the app back in May 2018 in India so that users can get information about their surroundings from other Neighbourly users around. The app was basically a Q&A app for the neighborhood and aimed to serve information around your locality from nearby users, thus it had a narrowed down approach compared to Google Maps Local Guides program.

The idea was great but perhaps, it couldn’t go well as it might have failed to get traction. The Neighbourly app might not have able to deliver an engaging experience which was a must for such apps.

Here’s what Google wrote in the emails it sent to the users,

We launched Neighbourly as a Beta app to connect you with your neighbors and make sharing local information more human and helpful. As a community, you’ve come together to celebrate local festivals, shared crucial information during floods, and answered over a million questions.

But Neighbourly hasn’t grown as we had hoped. In these difficult times, we believe that we can help more people by focusing on other Google apps that are already serving millions of people every day.

Google has pointed out that from May 12, 2020, you will no longer be able to access the Neighbourly Beta app and the last date to download all your app’s content is October 12, 2020. Google also encourages users to rather use Google Maps Local Guide service if they want to keep sharing their local knowledge with their neighbors.



Google Neighbourly app will no longer be available from May 12
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